Saturday, March 05, 2005


Welcome to the Diaper Lovers Club

The Diaper Lovers Club began as a Yahoo! group, just one among several dozen other groups that provided adults who enjoy diapers a place to meet, exchange information and opinions, and share photos of interest to DL's. Over time, its membership grew to a couple thousand and was international in scope, linking members from all over the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Europe. The DLC was not necessarily the liveliest of such DL groups, but it was well established and did give DL's a sense of support and community, however ethereal that may be in the realm of cyberspace.

Around 2002, the Powers-That-Be at Yahoo! became obsessed with purging those groups it deemed inappropriate, and one by one various diaper lover and adult baby groups began disappearing without any forewarning or explanation. Their hundreds of members would simply awake one morning to find that their favorite one had been wiped out, and typically the group's moderator would discover that his or her Yahoo! account had been deactivated as a punishment for operating the group. Wave after wave of purges took place over the next two years, yet the Diaper Lovers Club survived. New groups that sprang up seldom lasted for longer than a few months, some not even a few weeks, before Yahoo! erased them from the Yahoo!groups list.

Finally, in January, 2005, it was the DLC's turn to get obliterated as well.

With the creation of this blog, it is hoped that diaper lovers the world over will have yet another place to meet, to talk about their fetish, to make connections with one another, and to give and receive support. You contributions to the on-going dialogue among diaper lovers are welcome provided they help in the rebuilding of DLC community.

After the dark days of life at Yahoo! where the repression of the freedoms of speech and assembly were routinely trampled, let us hope for a brighter future of lively exchange and positive support at

Stay soggy!

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